16 Jul

Everything you Need to Know on How to Brand Your Wedding

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People meet, they fall in love and have weddings. Weddings are special occasions full of joy and celebration and what’s more is that wedding branding constitutes a special part of your planning process early on. Having an understanding of what your overall theme, colors and wedding components will help brand a wedding the right way by ensuring consistency in the general look and feel of your wedding on that special day. Read more…

08 Jul

Great Tips on Corporate Events Branding When Launching a Company

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We live in an age of innovation, business entrepreneurship and the corporate world, where economic dominance can be attributed to SMEs and large corporations that transact in a day to day basis. This has made the scene quite attractive for even those planning to join and competitively try their luck. Read more…

01 Jul

How to Choose A Wedding Theme Color

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So you’re thinking of choosing your color theme for your wedding. We, here at Brand and Up have you covered. Trying to come to a decision on what colors to complement your wedding is an extremely important part of the planning Read more…

26 Jun

How to Hire a Graphic Designer for your Wedding Invitations

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It is true that weddings don’t just come any other day, but when they do, they represent a special occasion for both the two engaged spouses. In fact, in the US alone, 2,140, 272 marriages occur in 49 states and D.C, a marriage rate representing 6.9% per 1,000 total population. Getting a wedding event right takes careful planning and the right team whether you’re planning to accomplish this on your own, or together with family and friends or perhaps you intends to outsource an events and branding agency to do his for you. Read more…