02 Jan

Wedding Surprises

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The wedding day, while involving a whirlwind of stress, being surrounded by family, friends, joy and beauty is an indescribable feeling. Sometimes, among all these emotions, it is important that the couple have something that is just theirs … a moment, a detail or even a unique identity that will mark their lives forever.

We parted some gestures of bride and groom that surprised their brides and made them cry with emotion, and that surely will guarantee sighs!

1) Wedding Branding

This groom got in touch with Brand & Up to create a couple’s identity for the big day! As the bride always dreamed of a personalized wedding and with the face of the two in the details, the groom hired the Branding of the Brand & Up wedding the result gave what to talk about!

2) Secret Letters (PS: I Love You)

This groom surprised his bride by writing love letters to his beloved throughout the day, which were delivered by one of the bridesmaids. The letters were delivered at various times of the day, from the moment the bride woke up, even when she was preparing and about to enter the church.

3) Champagne and flowers

What woman does not love flowers, even more on the day of the wedding? Better than that, just champagne with flowers and a love message. This groom secured many tears in the preparation photos.

4) Confessions of love in your shoes

This groom made the bride’s shoes even more special and important when writing a confession of love in soles.

5) Gifts throughout the day

The bride is living her day more than special and is certainly looking forward to every detail of the moment that is about to happen. The groom then decided to send little presents to her throughout the day, always with the goal of calming her down and showing her how much he loves her.

6) Identity in the alliance

Your wedding ring is already unique and special, but this groom took the extra step and engraved his identity on it, to make it truly unique.

7) A song sung by him during his entrance

A couple who loves music. A groom who loves to sing. A serenade made by him at her entrance, with the couple’s music. This is how the bride entered the church on the most special day of her life. An eternalized moment in the heart of the couple and of all the guests.

8) Engraved wedding request

Filming a wedding request is quite a trend nowadays, but this fiance made the bride cry when she showed this video to him only on the big day. Of course the video included the backstage and memories of a beautiful love story.

9) Enthusiastic Magazine

By combining all the old love letters and e-mail exchanges they have had, this groom has created a truly unique gift for his bride on the wedding day: a magazine of the couple’s story, in noteworthy letters and photos.

10) Fireworks

At the end of the ceremony, he surprised her with fireworks. Yes, it was quite a surprise! The newlyweds actually left the ceremony in a roar, just as it was the surprise.

11) Playlist

A playlist with all the love songs that marked the relationship of the couple. This surprise went to the bride’s cell phone on the day of the wedding and never left again.

12) A day of Spa

In the midst of such a rush involving the preparations for the wedding day, there is almost no time for the bride to relax. This groom prepared a surprise for the bride and in the week before the big day presented her with a spa treatment.

19 Dec

Wedding Weekend

Categoria: Case Brand&Up

One of the main concerns of any trade show organizer is being able to get the attention of their target audience accurately and make them want to attend the event. It was with the mission to revitalize the audience of the already well-known event directed to brides in search of the best prices for the realization of their dream weddings that Carla Camino, creator and organizer of Wedding Weekend 5 years ago, came to create the Branding of the event.

With the 3 milliseconds your brand has to visually draw your audience’s attention and to make them realize what your event’s positioning is, visual identity directly impacts the success of your audience’s selection and engagement. The largest wedding suppliers outlet in Brazil wanted to reach a different audience and move from the common pool of one more wedding event to a well positioned event according to its target. This was the transition from the Wedding Weekend event after Brand & Up was hired.

The Wedding Weekend, held annually in São Paulo, at Espaço Gardens, already had its own brand that had been used for the event. However, the audience with whom the brand was talking was not fully aligned with what the company intended to attract. That is, despite the fact that the exhibitors were in line with the expectations of the organizers of the event in terms of quality and value proposition, the audience attending the trade fair did not speak directly to these consumer expectations.

It is not difficult to understand the reason for this mismatch: a Branding that does not talk to the values ​​and intent of the event and does not communicate directly with the desired audience. This disconnection between visual and objective appeal of the event generates a breakdown in all communication, since there is a gap between what the organizer wants to show and what he actually conveys. That is, when the event message is not aligned with your goal, of course your target audience is not reached.

The solution to this was to recreate the entire Branding of Wedding Weekend with the development of a new brand, with new colors, elements, applications, fonts, phrases and more.


To fully understand the message to be developed through Branding, we have done an extensive work of understanding the client, their expectations and positioning.

Wedding Weekend was intended to be an event for brides and grooms of a desired socioeconomic level who were looking for great opportunities for their marriage to be realized with more quality using the same pre-defined budget, ie hire high quality suppliers with exclusive discounts during the event to have an incredible and more economical marriage.

The event should also reflect the rustic style of the venue (Espaço Gardens, SP) along with a romantic, harmonious and natural atmosphere.

For this, we carry out a complete Branding project to recreate the visual identity of the event, as well as developing unique creations to be used at the fair weekend, such as banners, post and magazine materials, cards, flyers and website design, labels, kits and the like.


The rebranding of this event was step-by-step. For this we gather various information to understand both the past events and the history of the place. These were key points for the successful development of our work.

For the creation of the new identity, we could not unlink the image that had already been created, but we had to change, innovate and dare in the other visual layers of the brand. We used colors and elements that caught the attention of the modern and romantic brides they wished to bring to the event. We also use inviting and harmonic fonts with the rest of the brand developed, and applications that would make the brand stand out among the brands of other events already existing for this same audience.

More than a visual line, our proposal was to create a Branding guide in which all elements of the event had a harmony, providing exclusivity, warmth and well being for the guests.


As expected, the new visual appeal of the event brought the audience expected by the exhibitors, with it being translated into the numbers and evaluations of the event, a greater number of visitors, better contracts closed with the exhibitors that were present.

In addition to the quantitative results of our service, it was possible to feel the emotion of all involved when seeing how much could be done with the information and intentions suggested by the new brand. And that’s what motivates us to build new brands every day, we like to turn dreams into reality.

In corporate and social events, Brand & Up is the pioneer in branding. Specializing in making unforgettable and memorable events through the items and details, we make the entire visual and emotional identity of events to reflect, in essence, all the values, history and dreams of customers.

Want to have a perfect event? What’s left of the pattern? May I become a reference for so much identity and personality? Contact the Brand & Up team! The service is all done online in Brazil. Come live this new era of the events that Brand & Up has brought to Brazil to make your life easier and help you to have a party thought out in detail. Schedule a chat here by whatsapp.

05 Dec

Anniversary Themes

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Wedding is the celebration of marriage, whether civil or religious. And each year they are celebrated in order to reaffirm the vows, or promises, matrimonial. Every year the celebration has a name, related to some material. There are different names according to different cultures. The Americans have a new, more modern version, in which the names are related to the suggestion of gifts to the engaged, as in the German tradition. There is a list that relates the years to flowers, for example.

The most well-known and unanimous wedding in the world are Silver (25 years) and Gold (50 years). They are usually the most celebrated ones too. But the truth is that every wedding anniversary can (and should!) Be celebrated no matter the size of the party! After all, relationships are not easy and choosing to be together with a person for a lifetime is a source of pride and should be shared with those who do, somehow, part of this story, like family and friends.

We have chosen a list that we think is most common to share.

01º – Paper Wedding

02º – Cotton Wedding

03º – Leather or Wheat Weddings

4th – Flowers, Fruit or Wax Weddings

05º – Wooden or Iron Weddings

06º – Sugar or Perfume Weddings

07º – Brass or Wool Weddings

08º – Weddings of Clay or Poppy

09º – Pottery or Wicker Weddings

10th – Tin or Zinc Weddings

11º – Wedding of Steel

12th – Silk or Onyx Wedding

13th – Linen or Lace Weddings

14th – Ivory Wedding

15th – Crystal Weddings

16th – Sapphire or Tourmaline Weddings

17th – Rose Wedding

18th – Turquoise Weddings

19th – Weddings of Cretone or Sea Water

20th – Porcelain Weddings

21st – Zircon Wedding

22º – Wedding Ceremony

23º – Weddings of Straw

24th – Wedding of Opal

25th – Silver Wedding

26th – Wedding of Alexandrite

27º – Wedding of Crisoprásio

28th – Hematite Wedding

29º – Herbal Weddings

30th – Pearl Wedding

31º – Wedding of Nacar

32º – Wedding of Pine

33º – Marriages of Crizopala

34º – Bodas de Oliveira

35th – Coral Weddings

36º – Cedar Weddings

37º – Aventurina Weddings

38º – Wedding of Carvalho

39th – Marble Wedding

40th – Emerald Weddings

41º – Silk Wedding

42º – Golden Silver Wedding

43º – Weddings of Azeviche

44º – Carbonate Weddings

45th – Ruby Weddings

46th – Alabaster Weddings

47th – Jasper Weddings

48º – Granite Weddings

49th – Heliotrope Weddings

50th – Golden Wedding

51º – Bronze Wedding

52º – Clay Weddings

53º – Antimony Weddings

54º – Nickel Wedding

55º – Amethyst Wedding

56º – Wedding of Malachite

57º – Lapis lazuli weddings

58º – Glass Weddings

59º – Cherry Weddings

60th – Diamond Wedding

61º – Copper Weddings

62º – Weddings of Telurita

63º – Weddings of Sandalwood

64º – Fabulita’s Wedding

65th – Platinum Weddings

66º – Ebony Weddings

67º – Snow Weddings

68º – Weddings of Lead

69º – Weddings of Mercury

70º – Wine Weddings

71º – Zinc Wedding

72º – Wedding Oats

73º – Wedding of Marjoram

74º – Weddings of Apple tree

75th – Brilliant or Alabaster Weddings

76º – Weddings of Cipestre

77th – Wedding of Lavender

78º – Wedding of Benjoim

79th – Coffee Wedding

80º – Bodas de Nogueira or Carvalho

81st – Cocoa Weddings

82º – Carnation Weddings

83º – Wedding of Begonia

84th – Chrysanthemum Weddings

85º – Sunflower Weddings

86th – Hydrangea Weddings

87º – Bodas de Nogueira

88th – Pear’s Wedding

89º – Bodas de Figueira

90º – Alamo Wedding

91º – Wedding of Pine

92º – Weddings of Willow

93º – Wedding of Imbuia

94º – Wedding of Palm

95th – Sandalwood Weddings

96º – Bodas de Oliveira

97º – Spruce Wedding

98º – Wedding of Pinheiro

99º – Weddings of Willow

100º – Wedding of Jequitibá


What’s the longest wedding anniversary you’ve ever seen?


21 Nov

Fazendo ITU

Categoria: Case Brand&Up

Transforming one of the most important farms in the State of São Paulo, a family heirloom that for a few generations was dedicated exclusively to the production of coffee in a new space to host unforgettable moments for people in love with nature was an easy mission for Fernanda and Luciana Bicudo, heirs of the farm. Tastefully decorated and dedicated to attending a public that loves to escape from the city to make special celebrations, they have invested in the space reform Fazenda Paraizo to begin hosting small and medium-sized events, including mini weddings. But, launching this new space in a striking way to ensure great business from the first day of operation of the new headquarters of Fazenda Paraíso was a task that required the specialized event branding service.

Thinking about opening this new structure and promoting an event that would uniquely impact the timing of the presentation of the Estate to the main advisors and suppliers of the wedding market, Fernanda and Luciana told Brand & Up. a complete Branding project to make the event customized with all the values, traditions and characteristics of the farm, and that simultaneously impacted the public by printing, from the outset, any concept of Fazenda Paraizo.


For this we carry out an in-depth study of Fazenda Paraizo. We understand that it is defined by its authenticity, having in its structure the colonial brands of coffee cultivation, harvesting and production. We have seen that its constructions and details are composed of a rustic style, referring to the “artesanal” and the “old”, but exhibiting traces of sophistication and elegance in the textures of its materials as in the original arabesques, apparent bricks and massive woods. In addition, we studied the type of event that would be held, in this case: a brunch. And within this context we could understand what Fazenda Paraizo wanted to extract from this moment with its first guests. Fernanda and Luciana wanted to engage the guests in an engaging, joyful, informative and interesting celebration.


Based on the essence of this client, in the goal that he wanted to achieve, in the audience to be reached and in the kind of event that he wanted to accomplish, to develop the Visual Identity of the event, we linked the rustic style to Art Nouveau with elements that referring to nature itself, the coffee leaves. Thus, our proposal was to use light and curved strokes in a composition with predominant hot earthy tones and, to contrast, some neutral ones. The curves should also be present to bring to mind the remarkable shapes of the farm’s own building materials, predominant also on the farm’s logo, and to simultaneously bring femininity to this event dedicated to the wedding market.

Based on the textures, symbols and colors defined and the link that the event wished to establish with its target audience, mostly wedding vendors, and in the tradition of the Farm we created the name of the inaugural brunch of Fazenda Paraizo: Veil with coffe.


Arriving at the final objective of the inauguration of Fazenda Paraíso for the wedding market also requires attention to the experiences. In this we include from the texture of the materials: invitations, tags and the like to the type of interaction that the guests will attend to ensure that the essence of the company was transmitted during those few hours of attention they had of the participants. For this, which we call Emotional Identity, we are inspired in the history of the Farm itself and in the Visual Identity created for this moment for the development of our Guide. In it, we include experiences with coffee seedlings, flavored drinks, special treats, impressive invitation and even photographic interaction.


The first impact perceived in the result of the inauguration event is the expectation that is generated in the guests. From the first interaction with the event, through the different save the date, the planned site and the amazing invitation, the guests already feel like attending the inauguration and already perceive the rustic and elegant mood that Fazenda Paraizo wanted to create. This made the guest list appear in weight and that a buzz was generated on the company’s social networks.

The second point, but one of the most important for the organizers of the event, is the clarity that the book of Branding created with the details of the event from the graphic items to the final experience, gives the hosts of the celebration. Fernanda Bicudo liked so much the experience of being able to have a clear direction to instruct the other suppliers of the event that she wrote a letter of her own thanks for our work to unveil what they wanted to transmit with the inauguration and turn everything into a simple book that turned a guide to direct souvenirs, menu, drinks, experiences and selection of suppliers.

And finally, the day of the event. The guests were delighted to have their expectations met, with the vibe of the Véu com Café event, created from an extremely elegant decoration on a historic farm, while savoring amazing recipes with coffee in the drinks created for the house and the workshops, Papers related to the central point: rustic and elegant weddings.

Follow the photos of the result of the event by our instagram with the # VeilComCafé

07 Nov

A Personalized Beach Wedding Branding

Categoria: Case Brand&Up

Fabiana and André represent the love in their diverse forms through the companionship, admiration and partnership that live in their relationship of intense form.

These two lovers of freedom, adventure, nature and simple life have found the perfect place to celebrate the great day of their lives: Arraial D’Ajuda.

But for these two Paulistas to become the dream of marrying on the beach a singular moment with many hints of their love story and to engage their guests in this story even more exclusive and special, they have discovered the innovative branding service that the Brand & Up brought to Brazil.

With branding based on their love story and their personalities, they ensured that their wedding reflected all the feelings and characteristics that marked them to make sure that their guests would capture from the save the date the mood of the most remarkable day in their love story. In addition, they found that the Brand & Up service also solved their problems related to the lack of time and the difficulty of leaving everything with the same vibe, facilitating the organization, the alignment of the suppliers and helping to visualize the final result with more clarity so that the celebration was really unique and avoided unnecessary stress and expense.


Fabiana and André have a beautiful story and strong personalities. They share very special moments and two very striking choices. In addition, they wanted to create a specific mood on the wedding day, since the place chosen had everything to do with their style. Brand & Up’s job is to put together all these points and apply the branding techniques to build a personality-filled identity.

Feelings like caring, complicity and companionship could not fail to be transmitted, as well as the high spirits and joy that this couple has to spare!

Our mission then was to carry out a complete Branding project to create both a visual identity and totally personalized details for the great day of the lovebirds, so that all the items of the event conveyed the real essence of both, from stationery materials and souvenirs to attractions, sweets, cake and decor.


Creating a brand that conveyed everything that was desired for the celebration was a challenging task, requiring a thorough and technical work of our team. No wonder that was also very enjoyable.

We enter deeply into the main values, desires, tastes, preferences, characteristics and stories of the bride and groom to bring in a harmonious and well elaborated all colors, shapes, elements, textures, fonts and symbols. Our idea was to develop an identity that could be used not only in marriage, but throughout the couple’s life, reflecting their brand. Therefore, it should also be subtle and elegant. Remarkable.


In order for the marriage to be truly striking and exclusive, we seek to maintain the focus of translating attention and care into every detail.

To develop the identity of the great day, our idea was to bring together the rustic style together with elements of nature itself, using a composition that could exalt the characteristics of the couple. We brought tones that could convey the tranquility of the couple, as well as their energy, as well as the beach climate.

For the decoration, we suggest elements that follow the same line created for the visual identity. To bring a little of the identity of Bahia, we worked with suggestions of special sweets, while the cake was thought to follow the same line of the visual identity created.

Of course, there could be no shortage of unique attractions to bring to mind memorable moments in the couple’s life, such as their trip to Thailand and their passion for travel.

More than a visual line, our proposal was to create a Branding guide in which each and every element of the wedding had a synchrony, providing memorable moments for the guests by highlighting the style of the couple and the warm, colorful and natural atmosphere desired for the great day.


Seeing the excitement and surprise of the bride and groom when they receive your Branding Book (Guide to Visual and Emotional Identity) is priceless. According to them, it was a feeling of surprise and emotion. For them, it’s incredible to feel that all the feelings, values ​​and messages they crave for BIG DAY were being passed on in the brand developed for them in a communication tailored to their needs.

BIG DAY has not yet arrived, but the bride and groom are ready to make it happen, with the arts at hand and all the other details they need to show their personality on the day they celebrate their union.

Want to have a perfect marriage and really reflect the essence and tastes of you in every detail? A marriage that comes out of the norm, that makes reference by so much personality? Contact the Brand & Up team now! The service is done online in Brazil all by video calls. Come and live this new era in events that Brand & Up has brought to Brazil to make your life easier and help you to have a party thought out in detail.

24 Oct

Children Personalized Summer Party

Categoria: Case Brand&Up

What mother does not dream of fulfilling the dreams of her children? Carla, the mother of Dante (9) and Valentina (7), decided to give her little ones the super birthday party they always dreamed about in her events and weddings space.

As their best family memories took place on the beach, where they usually go on vacation, the theme of the children surprise party could not be different. The beach invaded their anniversary celebration. And that’s how, in the middle of the city, a beach with everything they love about it was built and a vacation vibe was created specially for them.

From the parents’ desire to realize the dream of their kids, the idea of ​​transforming the event space in a beach appeared. But, the challenge was just beginning, it was still necessary to make such a wide-ranging theme turn out to be a children’s party full of the personality of the birthdays. And that’s how Brand & Up’s team got into this project.


A lot of people think that just putting some coconuts and flower necklaces around the room is enough to create a beach mood, but making a so broad theme gain personality requires much more than a themed decoration. It needs to have a strong and expressive visual identity combined with an emotional identity so that Dante and Valentina are both seen as the owners of this beach created exclusively for them.

Our mission, then, was to carry out a complete branding project to create a totally personalized environment for their birthday, so that all the details and items of the event had their touch, from stationery materials to games, candies, cake and souvenirs.


Developing a brand that conveyed so different and striking personalities as these of these two brothers and simultaneously bringing the beach atmosphere to the salon required a very technical and meticulous team work.

We had to go deep into the main characteristics, tastes and hobbies of Dante and Valentina to convey in colors, shapes, elements, curves, typographies and in each one of the party details this mix of personalities. That way, we left the basics and developed an identity that could guarantee authenticity, joy, fun and lots of personality to their dreamed of beach party.


To engage the guests to enter the party theme atmosphere a giant panel full of beach props was set at the entrance where they could play, strike a pose and make lots of selfies to post on their social networks. This already guaranteed that the guests would leave the city behind and enter the atmosphere of the private beach of the anniversaries from the moment they arrived at the party.

The decoration was very charming and counted on surfboards, floats of different sizes and shapes, swimsuits and children’s bathing suits scattered on bamboo nets. It was also, full of green and sand everywhere. All these details were thought by us together with the decorator who developed all the decoration of the party.

One of the special requests of the children’s parents was to also ensure some fun to the grownups too. This way, a Beauty SPA was designed in the room, there they where able to have a feet massage and make a beach hairstyle. Another grownup’s experience was a bar full of special beach cocktails.

The newly borns had also some privilege at this party. They had a special corner where supervisors were available to take care and to entertain them. Ensuring that the babies’ mothers had some time to relax ate the party.

Toys and games were suggested exclusively for this urban beach. It counted on a mechanical surfboard, a giant alligator slide, a treasure hunt recreation and a few piñatas to be popped by the little ones during the recreation time.

Because the party stars were the little ones, we created a milkshake bar so the kids could customize their own milkshake. For the table of sweets, we work with suggestions of a cake in format of sand castle, as well as personalized candies.

In addition, all the staff of the party was uniformed with the theme of the party shirt so that the parents could easily recognize if someone was watching the children while they were playing. The memories and surprises of the party were all based on the style of Dante and Valentina.


Dante (9) and Valentina (7) were petrified as they entered their surprise party hall that was literally turned into a beach in the middle of the city. They were very excited about all the toys, games and surprises of their personalized themed party. We could see throw their eyes their happiness to see their dreamed party coming true.

If you’re also missing out on how to make your kids’ birthday theme look and feel like them, come develop their b-day branding with us. Our service is totally online so you can have it from wherever you are.

10 Oct

Lara’s Sweet Sixteen Personalized Party

Categoria: Case Brand&Up

Lara is a young dreamer, she is full of energy and determination. She has a very strong connection with her family, as well as with her freedom and creativity. She’s passionate about butterflies, flowers and the nature itself. Lara wants her sweet sixteen to be unforgettable. Also, she wants it to translate her essence in an authentic and personalized way. It means, all she wanted was her sweet sixteen branding to guarantee all these wishes would come true.

So, this was a job our team of experts as our main goal is to turn dreams into realities, turning events into more than a special moment. We work to reach a totally outstanding and exclusive branding, meaning a perfect match of visual and emocional celebration experience for Lara’s guests. This way they would be able to look and feel Lara’s authenticity in every detail of her birthday party. From the music to the save the date.


Lara is the owner of many feelings, dreams and goals. She’s very interested in art, history and technology. She wanted a celebration that would bring all the magic of her dreams and all the creativity of her personality at the same time. This way, our central goal was to make every detail trace her personality and desires.

Therefore, we proposed to create a complete Branding project to develop the visual and emotional identity of the event, ensuring that all items and details of the event connect with her values ​​and characteristics. It means that save the date, invitation, book of signatures, attractions and souvenirs were taylor-made for her.


To develop a truly striking and authentic brand, a very technical and well structured work was required. That’s why we have a dedicated and passionate team  of experts to make Lara’s dream come true.

Through some video chats with Lara and her parents we gradually became familiar with her tastes, wishes and expectations. Knowing her personality is vital to find the set of colors, shapes, elements, textures and typographies that best represent her. One of the most important parts of our work is to deep dive into her feelings, stories, dreams and future goals. The combination of these information guarantees a solid, complete and true personal brand.

Our intention for this special day was to make it unforgettable in every detail. Therefore, we relied on different trends and concepts to develop her visual identity: clean, minimalist, sophisticated. To achieve these main ideas we worked with sinuous curves and elements of the nature, considering specially the ones she loves. It was also vital to bring Lara’s romanticism and modernity in both elements and typography.


As part of the branding, the visual identity goes far beyond the brand itself. It is fundamental to have decoration elements that follow the expectations created with the save the date, invitation and website. It is also important to have some of the menu and drink items combining perfectly with Lara’s preferences. To make this happen we suggest to put her signature on a few items served by the buffet and the bar.

More than a visual line, our proposal was to create a Branding guide in which each and every element of the party had a synchrony. This guarantees memorable moments for the guests and highlights the style of the birthday girl. It also generates a joyful, contagious, differentiated and creative atmosphere.


Lara and her parents were surprise when they received the full Branding Book with the visual and the emotional identity of her sweet sixteen personalized party. According to them, words could not explain how much they loved the entire line of communication developed exclusively for her. They’ve also said that they were able to visualize Lara in her completeness, with all her “universes” of dreams and desires, and with her romantic, affectionate and intense air.

Lara’s big day is yet to come, but the birthday girl and her family are now ready to make everything happen, with all the items in hand and the complete guide of the details. Now they can just make it happen: from the Branding Book to reality. It’s not magic, it’s technique!

Want to have a perfect sweet sixteen party that truly reflects your personality and taste in every detail? A party to engage and impress your friends? We wish you become their reference of the best sweet sixteen party they have ever gone! No matter where you are from, our work is all online. Come live this new era of the events that Brand & Up has designed to make your life easier and help you to have a party thought out in detail.

26 Sep

Rosalia and Thiago Personalized Wedding

Categoria: Case Brand&Up

The admiration that turns into love. That’s what happened to Rosalia and Thiago.

Two souls with similar passions, but complementary personalities and tastes. They’re a couple that has the sentiments of complicity, affection, and companionship as their fuels to make their relationship grow full of authenticity, passion, and love.

For the celebration of their big day, they wanted to bring all their authenticity to make it as much impactful as possible to connect the guests with their love story. To achieve this goal it was necessary to design unique details and personalized experiences inspired on the couple’s love story, characteristics, tastes, and preferences.

Rosalia and Thiago also had a special need: practicality. They wanted to align suppliers, items, and details in a simple and efficient manner. They feared that with so many options of customization available on the market, they would lose focus. They wanted suppliers to know exactly what was to be done and how, so they could save time, stress and money. This way, they would not only avoid stress but also ensure that their guests would feel their energy and love.


Rosalia and Thiago do not fit into standards, they’ve created their own blueprint combining: romantic literature, rock music, geek culture and volunteer work.

Of course, none of these aspects could be overlooked when it comes to creating an identity for this unique and special couple. During the event, the guests should feel the attention and warmth that the couple values so much in their relationship, through unique and symbolic elements.

Our mission, then, was to carry out a complete Wedding Branding project to create both: a visual identity and totally personalized details for the great day of the lovebirds. This way, all the items of the celebration conveyed the real essence of both, from stationery to the little favors, attractions, candy, cake, and souvenirs.


The development of a brand requires a thorough work that goes far beyond analyzing the tastes of the couple. It is a work that goes from the inside out, working on complexities and emotional structures.

That’s why we counted on a team of experts, who plunged into the story of Rosalia and Thiago to translate their authenticity into colors, shapes, elements, textures, typography, and arts. The visual identity, once created, could be used in all communication items of the wedding, as well as throughout the life of the couple.


To design the brand identity for their big day, we worked on different and complementary styles that reflect the couple in their essence. Delightful, romantic and vintage, along with varied and authentic elements would be the basis for this brand design. The colors chosen to highlight this couple’s complementary facets were blue and red.

For the decoration and attractions, we suggested the use of different objects, such as picture frames with poems that the couple themselves wrote and drinks dedicated to the profession of the groom. Of course, the geek taste could not be left aside with special props and sweets.

More than a visual line, our proposal was to create a branding guide in which each and every element of the wedding had synchrony, providing memorable moments for the guests by highlighting the style of the couple and the harmonious, unique and stylish atmosphere desired for the big day.


The impact of the bride and groom seeing the result of our work on the final Branding Book was really exciting. According to them, the result totally exceeded their expectations. They stated they’d never imagined it was possible to actually feel what they represent in a brand.

The Big Day has not yet arrived, but the bride and groom are ready to make it all happen, with all the guide on hand. It’s not magic, it’s all technique and dedication!

Do you want to have a perfect wedding that really reflects the essence and tastes of both of you in every detail? Full of meaningful experiences and details? Contact us now! We are digital and online so you can have our service whenever you are.

16 Jul

Everything you Need to Know on How to Brand Your Wedding

Categoria: Wedding Branding

People meet, they fall in love and have weddings. Weddings are special occasions full of joy and celebration and what’s more is that wedding branding constitutes a special part of your planning process early on. Having an understanding of what your overall theme, colors and wedding components will help brand a wedding the right way by ensuring consistency in the general look and feel of your wedding on that special day. Read more…

08 Jul

Great Tips on Corporate Events Branding When Launching a Company

Categoria: Wedding Branding

We live in an age of innovation, business entrepreneurship and the corporate world, where economic dominance can be attributed to SMEs and large corporations that transact in a day to day basis. This has made the scene quite attractive for even those planning to join and competitively try their luck. Read more…